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We envision a world free of fossil fuel pollution that relies on renewable, just, and safe energy sources where all communities can thrive, now and in the future.

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Policy Agenda

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Our Mission

We are a coalition of health, health equity, and medical organizations working to expose the fossil fuel industry's decades of disinformation and harm, dismantle its power and influence, and enact policies to end fossil fuel use and extraction and support energy justice.

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What We Do

We address the health harms of the fossil fuel industry through policy, media, and on-the-ground advocacy. 

Proven Public Health Approaches

We're harnessing proven public health approaches to clear the air on fossil fuel disinformation.

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Policy Agenda

We created a health-led policy statement for elected officials and policymakers to directly address the health harms of the fossil fuel industry and fossil fuels. 

Grassroots Health Advocacy

We engage in on-the-ground health advocacy to support community-based and environmental justice organizations fighting fossil fuel industry expansion.

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